We skip the headache and get your product in any store in 7 days

You’ve got the next big product. We’ve got the connections and experience to make it a sensation.

Nobody beats us when it comes to getting products in stores. Period.

At InStore Connection, we help your business:

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Place products in any store

Our record is unmatched when it comes to quickly getting products in stores nationwide.

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Dramatically increase sales

We’ve helped businesses increase their sales by millions.

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Skyrocket online revenue

Our eCommerce and online sales expertise is unmatched, and we regularly help companies boost online sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Clearly understand the sales process

Getting increased distribution can be a complex process. We make it simple and easy to understand.

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Reach your goals faster

Don’t let anybody tell you it takes a long time to make your product a massive success. We’ve gotten clients million dollar orders at stores like Walmart in as little as 48 hours.

We’ve Increased Product Sales By Millions

We know products better than anyone. We’ve consulted for over 500 product lines, including over a dozen products from Shark Tank, and we have established relationships with every major national retailer, like Walmart and Whole Foods. We’ve helped products get in tens thousands of stores across the country, increase their sales by millions, build online followings of over a million and dominate entire industries.

Nobody can match our incredible record for getting products in stores

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Products to market
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Most products fail. We go to bat for your products to make sure they win, big time.

Our Insane Results Speak For Themselves

Vita V

Became #1 selling energy shot on Amazon with $1,025,467 avg. sales per month

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Love Bean Fudge

Increased sales by 6,584% through web sales and store placements

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Placed in Walmart within 48 hours of beginning service.

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Immuno Gum

Organically grew 20,347 Instagram followers in 30 days

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Reaches 345,678,356 people daily with 56.2 million followers across all social platforms

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Placed in 1,234 smoke shops

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