Nobody beats us when it comes to getting products in stores. Period.

Creating a product company is hard. Making it a sensational success is even harder. A rapidly changing landscape of brokers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and regulations means product companies are faced with more information and less certainty than ever before.

That’s where we come in. We find extraordinary products that just need a little extra push to become a massive success… and we launch them into the stratosphere by placing them in any stores they want and branding them into world-class companies.

We’ve got the connections and experience to get your products in any store in the country within 7 days. We know exactly what it takes to make any product a landslide success… from marketing, sales, packing and distribution to the ins-and-out of running a company day-to-day.

We’ve helped products get in tens thousands of stores across the country, increase their sales by millions, build online followings of over a million fans and dominate entire industries.

There’s a small catch…

We don’t work with everybody. We don’t take on too many clients at once. We have an unmatched track record and we’re proud of the work we do, so we make sure that our clients succeed.

If you have a product-based company that could be the next big thing… and you’re ready to skip the line and the hassle of getting in stores and become an overnight success…

Give us a call. It just might be the most profitable call of your life.

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